Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everybody Else Is Doing It

Right when I turn on, or go to my computer first thing in the morning, there are 3 things I do. I first check my email, I next check facebook and then I check to see if any of the blogs I stalk have been updated. And when they have been, I get so excited!

I love blogs! So while out to dinner last Friday with my friend, KK, and her husband, she and Larry said I should start a blog of my own. The first road block was coming up with the perfect title/URL for the blog. I wanted something catchy. The second thing, was that I don't really have anything interesting to write about. Everyone I know who writes a blog, blogs about their kids, their pregnancy, a specific journey they are going through in life - interesting/cute/fun stuff that I care to read about. But who wants to read about us? We don't have any cute kids who do really funny stuff, I have 2 dogs, who we love, but definitely aren't as cute as kids. So, to be honest, I don't really know what I'll blog about.

I do have a gorgeous 4-month old nephew, who I absolutely adore, 2 beautiful little cousins, a 5-year old niece and 2-year old nephew (not blood related, but I do have a formal certificate that officially declares Larry and I as "Uncle Larry and Aunt Tina") who just moved to New Orleans, a bunch of amazing friends and a great family.

I also have a super amazing husband that has been by my side for 12 years. Larry and I have been together since my junior year in High School. He has the crazy ability to make me laugh at ANY given moment - even in the middle of a heated argument and he loves me despite the fact that I am not a very good house-keeper, I rarely cook and I "snore like a lumberjack"(yes, those are his exact words). God brought us together as kids and has made our bond stronger with every life experience I have the pleasure of going through with him. I can't imagine crawling through this journey of life with anyone but him. Thank you, babe, for being my everything.

So, today I came up with the perfect name/URL (read my profile if you don't understand it) and basically, I hope I find stuff to blog about that is interesting enough to get a few stalkers of my own. :-)