Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Nephew!!

My Sweet Nephew, John Patrick, is one today. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by! It really is true when they say "they grow up so fast". Each and every milestone he accomplishes, while my heart nearly bursts with joy, I also want to cry because he is literally growing up right before my very eyes.

While I sit and try to document my feelings of his life thus far, I cannot help but think about all the things I love about him. I love that his favorite things are to be thrown in the air and playing peek-a-scoon (or peek-a-boo for those of you who aren't down with the lingo). I love how his face lights up when he sees me walk into a room, and how his little giggle always makes me laugh. I love how he reaches for his Tio Larry to hold him and then quickly reaches back for me. I love how much of a personality he has gotten in 12 short months. I love how he thinks it is hilarious when I try to get him to say "TIA", and how when I count to three slowly he immediately starts giggling because he knows I'm about to throw him up in the air or swing him around. I love how he uses his entire arm to wave bye bye and how he claps anytime anyone says "yay!" I love saying prayers with him when I get to put him to sleep, I love teaching him new things and watching him learn. I love how he has completely changed the lives of our entire family.

If you have ever met him, even just once, you know how happy he is. He has a way of making me smile like noone else.

He has a huge part of my heart!

Happy Birthday, John Patrick!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Post

Ever since the event that I can still only refer to as "the accident", I have had a hard time updating my blog. Every time I get on here, I see my last post and feel guilty for "moving on" and writing about something mundane. Granted, my nephew being able to walk now is definitely something I am so proud of, but I cannot help feeling guilt-ridden that life is going on. Does that make any sense? I know life has to go on, it is going on every day, and I know Robert would want us to go on, but I can't help that feeling of shame I get. That being said, I'm going to write something really quick and without much thought, just to get me going again. So that way, when I pull up my blog next time to post something, I don't feel like I am dishonoring him by posting something new.

Needless to say, Larry and I are more than happy to put 2009 behind us. We are both looking forward to the fresh start the New Year gives us. We are so glad to have a clean slate. Mentally, it really helps to know that we can basically start from scratch on the 1st of January, well, really the 4th this year since that was when we went back to work. While we still have some 2009 issues and circumstances threatening to bog us down every now and then, we are striving to have a brighter, more positive outlook on things.

We are truly blessed to have surrounded ourselves with such a loving group of people. We have an amazing support system of family and friends and we are extremely grateful for and love each of you.