Friday, September 24, 2010

Bianca's First Day of School

My cousin, Bianca, just started Pre-School at Rylander Elementary last month, and there is absolutely NOTHING that could have stopped me from seeing her and taking pictures before her big day.  That morning I got up earlier than I ever thought possible, got ready for work and left to go see her off.  My aunt and I got both girls up and got them fed, dressed and hair done and we left to go take her to school.  The traffic was unbelievable (they live about 3 blocks from the school), so we parked at the neighborhood pool and walked the rest of the way.  We took pictures outside of the school and my aunt and uncle were gracious enough to let me join them walking her to class.  So, the three of us (along with Alexis) walked her to her class and helped her find her chair, and when we left her, who do you think was the one crying?  Bianca?  Nope.  Me.  I was so excited for her, but it really hit me how much she is growing up!  I'll definitely treasure these times that I have with her where she still wants me to sing to her and she calls me to come over and play.  She loves her class, loves her teachers, is learning more than I ever thought imaginable, and has so much fun every day.  And that was all that we were ever hoping for!


  1. Too cute! I'm so glad you got to be a part of her special day!

  2. That is awesome Tina. It's great that you are such a huge part of their life.