Thursday, September 23, 2010


Last month I turned 30. T-H-I-R-T-Y years old. Not much exciting to look forward to when you turn 30. I was so excited to turn 15 so that I could go to Drivers’ Ed, 16 so I could get my Drivers’ License, 18 so I could buy lottery tickets and vote, 21 so I could go to the casino (I wasn’t interested in drinking back then) and 25 so I could rent a car on my own. And what do I get when I turn 30? My manicurist guessing that I was turning 35 years old and an employee at the liquor store asking for a guy’s ID to be sure he was old enough to be in the store by himself and not even giving me a second glance! I’m going to have to start using Oil of Olay!

For my 30th, my sweet family decided to throw me a surprise party. They successfully decided on the location and theme and had many, many friends in on it…and then…I.found.out. I know what you’re thinking, but I swear that I didn’t mean to find out! I was the victim! I knew for weeks before I even mentioned anything to my sister, then she tried to lead me astray and I tried so hard to forget what I had seen and what I suspected, but I would randomly think about it (like while pumping gas) and I couldn’t let it go. Sure, the surprise would have been great, BUT like I told my mom and sister, finding out only meant that I got the opportunity to be excited about the party for weeks instead of only being excited during the party.

So, the BEST thing about the party was the theme – Twilight. My friend (who I won’t name in case she wants to keep her anonymity, but you all know who it is) and I are semi-Twilight fanatics. I say “semi” because most everyone knows that we love Twilight, and we know we are crazy, but it’s not like we’re losing our jobs or our marriages (as some people reportedly have) over our obsession. Yes, we have read all the books (some more than once) and we have seen the movies multiple times, and yes, we have conversations about the characters as if they are real people, but really, we’re not that crazy! So, the theme was great! My mom and Amanda had apples to represent Twilight, feathers with “blood” on them for New Moon, red ribbon in vases for Eclipse and hand painted chess boards with chess pieces for Breaking Dawn. VERY CLEVER!

There were Twilight posters all over the room and a life-size cut-out of Edward that even got taken out on the dance floor a couple of times (and not by me!). The room was gorgeous!

My dad made the food, which was delicious, and there was a cash bar (I had free drinks all night thanks to my sister!). My sister also did an amazing (and sometimes embarrassing) slideshow. Then there was music and dancing, an encore of the dance Amanda and Robbie did of Grease at my wedding and an impromptu comedic act when our friend, Jason, had his turn with the microphone.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that I spoiled the whole surprise party surprise, there was another surprise I managed to, again unintentionally, spoil. Larry had to leave early to help my dad with taking the food to the location and I wasn’t ready to go yet, so I called my friend, Lynette, to see if she could pick me up on her way. I frantically got dressed and to my surprise was ready right about the time she was supposed to pick me up. With nothing to do but wait, I headed to check Facebook out for the first time that day. What’s the first thing I see? A picture of our friends, Jeff & Berdie, wearing matching “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” shirts! Obviously, Jeff doesn’t always go around sporting a Team Jacob shirt, and I knew they were both coming to the party, so it only took me a second to figure out that was another surprised I had ruined! If you ever read this Lynette…I LOVE the shirts! Thank you so much!

Even after ruining two surprises, I had a fabulous time! I saw friends that I don’t get to see very often and even had some party crashers!

I want to thank everyone who had any part with the party! Those that planned, decorated, cooked, set up, attended, helped clean up – each one of you made the night one that I will never forget! I love you all!



  1. Ya ves que tu no eres la única que piensa en los demás... los demás tambien piensan en ti!
    Y el Diashow lo encuentro increible tambien... por favor, copienlo y mandenmelo!!
    Con que gusto huebiesemos querido estar contigo ese día...
    Que Dios te Bendiga
    Te queremos
    Opa, Tío y Tía

  2. We all had a great time Tina and since Jeff washed my shirt in HOT water, Kiarra is now loving it :-)